Controversial Comprehensive Plan Update Moves Forward in Charlotte

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Controversial Comprehensive Plan Update Moves Forward in Charlotte

Katherine Knott updates the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan in Charlottesville, Virginia, which recently wrapped up a round of public comment and headed back to the city’s Planning Commission for a work session.

Under discussion is an update to the city’s future land use map and other chapters of the city’s Comprehensive Plan. The entire process has been branded as “Charlottesville Plans Together.” Planning consultant Rhodeside and Harwell is working with the city to complete the process.

According to Knott, the recently completed public comment was contentious, with 1,800 comments from the public, most of which focused on the future land use map. The map calls for more residential density and mixed-use developments throughout the city. “Neighborhoods around the University of Virginia and along West Main Street and Fifth Street would see large developments up to five stories, according to the map.”

” The increases in density prompted a raft of concerns from community members who were worried about traffic and infrastructure to support the city’s growth, how larger buildings would affect a neighborhood’s character and the overall effect on property values, according to the presentation,” reports Knott. Soundbites from either side of the debate are included in the source article.

Whatever version of the future land use map is finally approved, Knott explains that the city will still have to implement the plan with changes made to the city’s Zoning Ordinance.

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